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Bachelor’s degrees in Nutrition and Exercise Science, top certifications and years of experience are applied to every aspect of training here. Our approach is not only designed to powerfully improve your health and fitness, but to set you up for longevity as well!



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What you’ll experience

  • A genuine, positive and uplifting environment.
  • Strategic, experienced and education-based guidance.
  • A team of wonderful people on all different walks of life.
  • An approach to health that is balanced and sustainable.
  • Personalized training to maximize safety and ability.
  • Constant variety for satisfying challenges and progress.
  • An effort to keep egos and judgmental attitudes outside.
  • Training to trigger improvements beyond the building.


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Paul Goldenberger (Owner) grew up in North Bend, Washington spending much of his free time in the surrounding mountains hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding and more. After graduating from Mount Si High School, Paul joined the U.S. Coast Guard and became a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer (Aviation Survival Technician). After seven years of service, he decided to pursue his love for fitness and adventure in the private sector. Upon his honorable separation, Paul returned home to Washington and began working as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor while going to school. In June of 2013, Paul graduated from Bastyr University with a Bachelor’s degree in ‘Nutrition and Exercise Science’. Paul is a Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise and has over ten years of experience in the health and fitness field.

Kim Goldenberger (Owner) grew up in Issaquah, WA. She started her fitness journey as a runner but quickly fell in love with all sorts of physical conditioning and outdoor adventures. Kim’s passion for health and fitness led her to Bastyr University. In June of 2014, she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in ‘Nutrition and Exercise Science’. Kim is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association with over 7 years of experience in the health and fitness field. She also has a specialized background in marathon running which earned her 2nd place in the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in 2010.

Personal Training & Class Descriptions


Research shows that variety within our training programs promotes continued physiological adaptations and improves adherence to exercise, so get ready for plenty of it! Our BootCamps are designed to provide a full spectrum of fun and challenging drills that will keep your mind and body guessing. Cardio, Strength, Power and Endurance are all targeted by utilizing tons of different exercises and equipment!

Strength & Power

“Strength” is the ability to physically overcome a load of resistance such as when taking steps on a hiking trail while wearing a relatively heavy backpack. “Power” is the ability to overcome a load of resistance along with high speed such as a kayaker dipping a paddle into water and driving through with force. Because there are so many benefits of having both, this class is designed to target strength and power specifically, using equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and battle ropes.

Cardio & Conditioning

Cardiovascular conditioning is a major key component to our total, overall health and is a significant factor in reducing the chance of developing various diseases and ailments such as atherosclerosis and heart attacks. Cardiovascular conditioning also improves the body’s efficiency in getting much-needed oxygen to working muscles, so “endurance” is improved as well. This class will keep the heart rates up and the Calories burning with spin bikes, resistance bands, dynamic bodyweight movements and more!


A truly balanced fitness regimen should include an intentional focus on developing mind to body awareness, safe and proper movement patterns, joint stability and healthy range of motion. Adequate recovery time from high-intensity workouts must also be included. Our ‘Grounded’ class is designed to accomplish this balance and provides a highly valuable physical and mental experience.

45 Knock Out

We absolutely embrace the mental aspect of the holistic health equation and believe that each and every one of us has the ability to find courage, confidence, internal peace and so much more within ourselves. Fitness kickboxing not only provides an awesome workout but can be profoundly empowering and stress relieving! In this class, we’ll guide you through various drills at the punching bag but break it up with other engaging exercises too!

Personal training

At BasePoint Fitness, we love experiencing the community and camaraderie from pursuing higher levels of health and fitness together while embracing the fact that we’re all at different points in our personal journeys. Whether you’re already participating in our classes or not, Personal Training is a fantastic way to make very big steps in the direction of your own, unique goals. The training sessions are entirely tailored to your current abilities, limitations and aspirations. We are all far more capable than we often tell ourselves!

Class Schedule





Team Reflections

“Paul and Kim at BasePoint Fitness have truly changed my life. Before I accidentally discovered the studio while making a coffee run, I’d been living the life of a couch potato for many years. Carrying in groceries was my main form of exercise and I was in the worst shape I’d ever been in: my muscles were squishy like sponges, I had nearly zero stamina and endurance and I’d given up ever being anything better.Doing something like this on my own was a real impossibility but the non-competitive group structure of the classes and their diversity have helped make exercise a cornerstone of nearly every day of my week. I’ve come a long way and am in probably the best shape I’ve ever been in. There’s definitely more work to be done and with BPF, Kim, Paul and all the wonderful people that make up the BPF family I see an exciting, healthy future ahead!”

Thom R.

“I came to BasePoint Fitness in September to try a class (with the push from my sweet friend, Deidre) and right away, I knew this was the place for me. I would consider myself a hard charger and have tried many different work-out programs, but nothing like BasePoint. Paul and Kim take the time to really get to know you, they go the extra mile to help you discover your fitness goals and how to achieve those. I love the variety of classes offered at BasePoint….they continuously challenge me. I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this good and physically strong in a very long time. Thanks Paul and Kim for leading and inspiring me to push and challenge myself in and out of class. ”

Jennifer F.

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