BasePoint Fitness Classes


This class is all about training stimulus variety to push your total athletic abilities. Be ready for HIIT, Circuit Training, Tabatas, and more. With such a wide spectrum of drills, using equipment such as TRX, Bosu balls, Plyo boxes, Dumbbells, and Bikes, your body will be making satisfying adaptations in no time!

Strength & Power

The focus of this class is to build your strength, increase your muscle fiber size, and develop your ability to generate power. We utilize Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Battleropes, Sandbags, and more, for a blend of highly effective drills.

Endurance Day

Time to get that heart rate up! Improve your muscular and cardiovascular endurance with Calorie burning drills on the exercise bike, fun fitness kickboxing movements, and plenty of other drills guaranteed to push your progress! 

30 Burn

This time efficient 30 minute BootCamp is not to be underestimated! This fast moving bootay-kickin burner of a class is a perfect way to end your week. Jump in, push the throttle, and you’ll have another great workout knocked out before you know it!


A truly balanced fitness regimen should include an intentional focus on developing mind to body awareness, safe and proper movement patterns, joint stability and healthy range of motion. Using strategic exercises and recovery methods, such as foam rolling and stretching, our ‘Grounded’ class is designed to accomplish a highly valuable physical and mental experience.