Michael B.

“Paul and Kim Goldenberger have created a very pragmatic and goal oriented program that gives you all the tools you need for physical improvement. I have personally been a part of cross fit programs that generate success, but also leave the participants very vulnerable to physical injury. Even Pro Athletes stray away from the cross fit form of training due to the more than moderate risk of suffering an injury. What Paul and Kim offer is a very calculated approach to physical exercise. Much like P90x, their courses cover a variety of muscle groups that will keep your body guessing. They are constantly innovating and creating new groups of exercises that are anything but routine and will avoid that plateau effect that you may find when training at a normal gym. The classes involve techniques and moves that will leave you exhausted, drenched and panting, and it only takes 45 minutes for them to get you there! However, while these classes are tiring, they are also extremely safe as they efficiently instruct proper technique and movement. BasePoint Fitness is not a program specific to any age or body type. Whether you are 18 or 55, in good physical condition or not, the Goldenbergers develop strategy that allows participants to personalize the exercises. In their gym, ego is left at the door and you are provided with a sanctuary where you are in complete control of your physical destiny. They also have a health blog that is filled with extensive knowledge on diet and nutrition. If you correctly use their knowledge and let them be your guide, they will lead you into a new reality where you are the master of your physical domain.”