Personal Training & Class Descriptions


Research shows that variety within our training programs promotes continued physiological adaptations and improves adherence to exercise, so get ready for plenty of it! Our BootCamps are designed to provide a full spectrum of fun and challenging drills that will keep your mind and body guessing. Cardio, Strength, Power and Endurance are all targeted by utilizing tons of different exercises and equipment!

Strength & Power

“Strength” is the ability to physically overcome a load of resistance such as when taking steps on a hiking trail while wearing a relatively heavy backpack. “Power” is the ability to overcome a load of resistance along with high speed such as a kayaker dipping a paddle into water and driving through with force. Because there are so many benefits of having both, this class is designed to target strength and power specifically, using equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and battle ropes.


A truly balanced fitness regimen should include an intentional focus on developing mind to body awareness, safe and proper movement patterns, joint stability and healthy range of motion. Adequate recovery time from high-intensity workouts must also be included. Our ‘Grounded’ class is designed to accomplish this balance by creating a mentally calming environment, utilizing specific exercises for core and body control, and incorporating deep stretches and myofascial release techniques.

45 Knock Out

Fitness kickboxing is a truly empowering class that will not only significantly improve your cardiovascular health, which is a major key component to reducing the chance of developing various diseases and ailments such as atherosclerosis and heart attacks, but it sharpens your neurological coordination and mental focus as well! In this class, we’ll guide you through various drills at the punching bag, plus break it up with other engaging exercises too!

Personal training

At BasePoint Fitness, we love experiencing the community and camaraderie from pursuing higher levels of health and fitness together while embracing the fact that we’re all at different points in our personal journeys. Whether you’re already participating in our classes or not, Personal Training is a fantastic way to make very big steps in the direction of your own, unique goals. The training sessions are entirely tailored to your current abilities, limitations and aspirations. We are all far more capable than we often tell ourselves!

Nutrition Guidance

Having earned Bachelor’s degrees in ‘Nutrition & Exercise Science’, we understand the powerful connection between our personal food choices and our health and performance. Unfortunately, the topic of nutrition is often presented with too many restrictions, too many complexities, and is loaded with conflicting approaches. This leaves people feeling frustrated and confused. If you want to improve your own personal diet and find what works best for you, we’re happy to guide you through this process with sound education and experience.