Team Reflections

“Base Point Fitness has truly changed my life! Paul and Kim have been so incredibly friendly, fun, knowledgeable, and motivating from the moment I signed up. I know they truly care about me and my personal fitness journey. I have been able to challenge my body in ways I did not even think possible 4 months ago. The inches have been melting away but most importantly I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years. I always look forward to the weekly emails full of healthy inspiration and recipes. A class at BPF is definitely one of the best parts of my day. I am very proud to be part of this amazing, growing TEAM!”

Joanne W.

“I came to BasePoint Fitness in September to try a class (with the push from my sweet friend, Deidre) and right away, I knew this was the place for me. I would consider myself a hard charger and have tried many different work-out programs, but nothing like BasePoint. Paul and Kim take the time to really get to know you, they go the extra mile to help you discover your fitness goals and how to achieve those. I love the variety of classes offered at BasePoint….they continuously challenge me. I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this good and physically strong in a very long time. Thanks Paul and Kim for leading and inspiring me to push and challenge myself in and out of class. ”

Jennifer F.

“Basepoint Fitness is a wonderful fitness experience! I love the variety of classes and range of times offered that work for any schedule. Paul and Kim are such an awesome couple, who focus on proper technique and tailor every exercise and class to fit any fitness level. They offer nutrition advice, put together fun outdoor excursions and have helped me get closer to my fitness goals. I love going to basepoint fitness everyday and enjoy the warm welcome I get each time I walk in the door! Highly recommended to anyone looking to change up their fitness routine and see results!!”

Sarah F.

“I love going to Basepoint Fitness because Kim and Paul both take extra time to teach proper body mechanics with all of their exercises and they are always coming up with new ways to make their classes fun and exciting! They are always in a good mood with smiles on their faces when I walk in the door which makes me more motivated to work hard in their classes. I have increased my upper body strength over the past 5 months and kept on track with my regular fitness routine thanks to their help!”

Kathryn I.

“Paul and Kim Goldenberger have created a very pragmatic and goal oriented program that gives you all the tools you need for physical improvement. I have personally been a part of cross fit programs that generate success, but also leave the participants very vulnerable to physical injury. Even Pro Athletes stray away from the cross fit form of training due to the more than moderate risk of suffering an injury. What Paul and Kim offer is a very calculated approach to physical exercise. Much like P90x, their courses cover a variety of muscle groups that will keep your body guessing. They are constantly innovating and creating new groups of exercises that are anything but routine and will avoid that plateau effect that you may find when training at a normal gym. The classes involve techniques and moves that will leave you exhausted, drenched and panting, and it only takes 45 minutes for them to get you there! However, while these classes are tiring, they are also extremely safe as they efficiently instruct proper technique and movement. BasePoint Fitness is not a program specific to any age or body type. Whether you are 18 or 55, in good physical condition or not, the Goldenbergers develop strategy that allows participants to personalize the exercises. In their gym, ego is left at the door and you are provided with a sanctuary where you are in complete control of your physical destiny. They also have a health blog that is filled with extensive knowledge on diet and nutrition. If you correctly use their knowledge and let them be your guide, they will lead you into a new reality where you are the master of your physical domain.”

Michael B.

“I LOVE BasePoint Fitness! I have been coming since they opened in February, and it has been everything I hoped for in a gym. Among all the things I love about BPF, Paul and Kim are the best part. They are motivating, encouraging, knowledgeable and fun to be around! There is lots of variety in the classes so I never get bored, and the camaraderie between participants keeps me motivated. Making time for myself each day has improved all aspects of my life – particularly less stress and more energy. I highly recommend BPF to everyone!”


Jessie F.

“I have been coming here for about a month and it’s the first gym where I have felt completely comfortable and welcomed! I am pretty overweight and have a painful foot issue so I was a bit nervous/embarrassed that I wouldn’t be able to participate or would be judged; but I’d spent the past few years being inactive and putting on weight… I needed to take care of myself. I was attracted to the small class sizes, the fact that you sign up to take the various classes (i.e. making a commitment to do this), and that Kim and Paul don’t push you to buy processed food products but espouse healthier food choices via their blog. These classes are very challenging, fun and interesting! Kim and Paul always show ways to modify an exercise either gentler or more difficult; you control your workout to suit your needs and goals. Every single member I’ve met has been very friendly, encouraging, and helpful. I’ve never once felt judged by anyone. I usually leave in a tired, sweaty, puddle of mush, but I am always happy I went to class and proud of what I’ve accomplished each workout. I always look forward to see what exercises they’ve dreamed up to keep us challenged! Whether you’re in great shape and looking to get even stronger or seriously out of shape, Kim and Paul will make you feel welcome and help you reach your goals! You won’t regret it.” 

Tina H.

“Paul and Kim at BasePoint Fitness have truly changed my life. Before I accidentally discovered the studio while making a coffee run, I’d been living the life of a couch potato for many years. Carrying in groceries was my main form of exercise and I was in the worst shape I’d ever been in: my muscles were squishy like sponges, I had nearly zero stamina and endurance and I’d given up ever being anything better.Doing something like this on my own was a real impossibility but the non-competitive group structure of the classes and their diversity have helped make exercise a cornerstone of nearly every day of my week. I’ve come a long way and am in probably the best shape I’ve ever been in. There’s definitely more work to be done and with BPF, Kim, Paul and all the wonderful people that make up the BPF family I see an exciting, healthy future ahead!”

Thom R.

“After a new baby and a new job, I was in dire need of a jumpstart to get my fitness back up to a passing grade and signing up for personal training with Kim and Paul was absolutely the right step. The training sessions are completely personalized for me and my goals and I love the variety of activities and thought that is put into the setup for each session. Most of all I like seeing the results positively impact my daily life from being able to now easily cart around baby and all her gear to no longer feeling the nagging pain in my hip that I thought was just part of life. Their focus on functional fitness combined with their expert knowledge and motivating personalities has brought me back up to par much faster than I anticipated and I am only more excited and motivated to set my next goal. Thank you Paul and Kim for getting this Mom back in action!”

Deanna M.

“I was thrilled when Paul and Kim opened BasePoint. It was exactly what I was looking for… a locally owned gym with small classes and a simple but effective, fun and challenging workout! I love the community feel. I feel stronger, have more energy and have improved sleep! The variety of classes keeps it from getting boring and you never know what challenge will meet you at class! It has been a great year with them… so happy that exercise with Paul and Kim is a regular part of my life!”

Deidre D.

“I absolutely LOVE going to BasePoint Fitness! Paul and Kim are very genuine people and really care about helping their clients achieve their fitness goals. I like the positive energy you feel right when you walk in the door. They offer a variety of classes and times which makes it easy to fit into your schedule. If you are looking for a change in your exercise routine I highly recommend giving BPF a try!”

Linda R.

“BasePoint is by far the best fitness facility I have ever been to. You feel so welcome and it is obvious that the people there care about your fitness and overall well being. Paul, Kim and Krystle are seriously awesome and so incredibly nice. They encourage you to work hard and strive to be your best you and make the most of your time. Just absolutely love it!”

Anastasia B.

Over the last year I have worked myself into a healthier me; working out 5 days a week (typically) and paying attention to what I am putting into my body. Recently I accomplished one of my goals –  getting under 200 lbs. I have let go of 18 lbs and replaced it with muscle and a whole lot of FEEL GOOD!! It has been so motivating to see my body transform and just feeling good about my body again! The team at BasePoint fitness has motivated me so much to continue pushing forward.  I love BASEPOINT; it works so well for me!

The journey has not been easy, but one I have enjoyed and fully embraced.  Looking forward to accomplishing my next goal!  Thank you Kim, Krystle, and Paul for all your motivation!